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Wood Stands for Crystal Ball Spheres Eggs Pastoral Decorative Display
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Each one of our products is carefully handcrafted with genuine healing stones locally and ethically sourced by small artisans in Brazil. The layers of metal and eco-resin with carefully selected crystals aid in a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances resulting from our current environment💕

You're classy, you're stylish, you're precious... and so are your crystal balls. That's why they deserve to be displayed respectfully on these distinguished wood stands. With the attractive stands, you no longer have to worry about fumbling and rolling stones. Keep your crystal healing treasures secured while properly showing off gemstone spheres, eggs, and polished stones.


Each stand is carved from natural wood and will differ in shades of brown. 

Choose your size when purchasing. Measurements are all approximate, measured at the width of the divet. 

HELPFUL HINT: The minimum width of your stone should fit the width of the stand (for example, if you are purchasing a 1-inch stand, your stone should be a minimum of 1-inch wide).  


If any of these pertain to you, the wood stands can benefit your life:

  • You own spheres, eggs, clusters, or other collectibles that need a display
  • You want to give your crystals the respect they deserve
  • You like things looking neat, clean, and organized
  • You appreciate natural wood over synthetic stands
  • You enjoy how wood stands give your space a touch of nature


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